About Trivia Monkey:


Trivia Monkey is an exciting new web-based daily trivia game that includes questions about loads of interesting topics.

Are you a geek expert? A music junkie? A bookworm? We have games for you! Trivia Monkey was launched on 30 March 2009.

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Who are the Trivia Monkeys:

Andy Walker

Andy Walker - Founder and CEO

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Andy Walker is a web entrepreneur. He started working in technology at the birth of the consumer Internet, when he produced the first Canadian-sponsored content on Prodigy in 1994. Since then, he helped build Canada.com and early MSN.ca news projects. He led teams that built Cyberwalker.com, Labrats.tv and Generousgeek.com. He is now the GM at Tucows.com and butterscotch.com. Andy is also an author, technology TV personality and journalist. Learn more at his site, Andy Walker.


Ted Gallardo

Ted Gallardo - Operations Manager

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Ted Gallardo began working with Andy Walker in March 2005 and eventually took on the role of forums' master. He subsequently became Systems Manager, Content Contributor and Technical Editor for Cyberwalker Media Inc. He is currently Operations Manager. His hobbies and interests include: Debian, Drupal CMS, FusionBB, HTML coding, Mac OSX, Ubuntu, and most versions Windows. He also has three cats Arline, Henry and Torti.


Peter Adler

Peter Adler - Editor

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Peter Adler has been a journalist for longer than he'd want to admit. Banned in the then-communist Czechoslovakia for his writings a few decades ago, he emigrated to Canada where he again returned to journalism. In 1995, together with Andy Walker, he was one of the founding parents of canada.com. Later, he also created content for the original version of faceoff.com. He has been working as editor on cyberwalker.com, too. For almost a decade and a half, he has been serving as one of the judges on the panel for the Editor & Publisher and Mediaweek's world-wide competition for best news web sites, EPpy. His hobbies include his family, reading and writing non-fiction, book editing, live theatre and music.


Lars Jonnson

Lars Jonsson - Lead Programmer

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Lars Jonsson has been working with software development since the mid 1980s and started working with Internet based applications in the middle of the 1990s. Since then Lars has architected a Java-based application server, written a reference book on Java and been involved in developing several web-based transactionally intensive web-based applications. His interests include spending time with the family, listening to and playing music. Originally hailing from the land of the midnight sun (Sweden), Lars is now a resident of Ontario.


Steve Huntriss

Steve Huntriss - Designer and Illustrator

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Responsible for the design of the Trivia Monkey site, Steve has over ten years design and illustration expertise. He's been pushing pixels ever since he got his hands on his first computer - a Vic 20, in nineteen-eighty-something. He's moved on to be a diehard Mac user, though he's quite comfortable in front of a PC, too. He now resides in Montreal, after moving half way around the world from the South Coast of New South Wales in Australia.

You can see more examples of Steve Huntriss’s work here.